It all started with one simple idea: How do we free the artist so they might create something the world has never seen? So often we are bound by the conventions of our lives, that we do not take a chance on the story that has lived inside us. A story that might just change one life, or many. Vast Vision Publishing was built, much like a campfire. A small idea, a kindling flame, that invited more people to share in the vision of freeing the artist and offering the support they need to tell their story. Where we place people first, as the highest value, to encourage and create a welcoming home at our fire, to earn the trust as caretakers of their creativity. We are here to publish stories, through whatever medium tells yours best, and find the means to make it possible. If you believe we can help, we are here to listen.


Hilary Jenkins, Co-Founder
Chief Visual Officer

Meet Hilary Jenkins, the Co-Founder and Chief Visual Officer at Vast Vision Publishing, where her passion for painting converges with an inventive approach to coloring comics. Her mastery of gouache, watercolor, and acrylic gives birth to a distinctive painterly style that graces the pages of an array of celebrated works.

Notable among these titles such as Eisner Nominated "Grass Kings," Eisner Nominated "Swim Team," "Apache Delivery Service," "Tartarus," "Hairball," "Black Badge," "Fear Case," and more. Hilary's creative journey has taken her through esteemed publishers, including Dark Horse Publishing, Image Publishing, Boom!, Harper Collins, Oni Publishing, and Scholastic.

With a remarkable talent for infusing mood and lighting into narrative visuals, Hilary has become a sought-after figure in the industry. Her artistic contributions have not only elevated individual books but have also left an indelible mark on the storytelling landscape.

Beyond the realm of comics, Hilary extends her creative prowess into the digital space. Leveraging her design skills, she crafts immersive experiences in Miro, where her keen sense of information architecture proves invaluable. This talent has positioned Hilary as a trusted guide for clients looking to convey their messages effectively in the digital realm.


Joseph Keatinge, Co-Founder
Chief Creative Officer

Joseph Keatinge is a Co-Founder and the Chief Creative Officer of Vast Vision Publishing. He is also an author and editor working with comic book industry giants like Marvel, DC, Heavy Metal, Skybound, and Image Comics. Joseph additionally works as a writer and narrative design consultant in the games industry, contributing to dozens of titles, including the recent Apple Store Game of the Day, My Arcade Empire, and the multi-platform shooter HAWKED from MyGames.

His work in comics and video games was recently combined in his role as Editor-in-Chief of MOONRAY by Brandon Graham and Xurxo Penalta, used as the narrative basis for the upcoming arena combat game.

 Joseph’s comic book writing includes the urban fantasy series SHUTTER, the gripping crime drama RINGSIDE, and the enchanting all-ages culinary fantasy FLAVOR. He collaborated with Walking Dead and Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman on two titles, TECH JACKET (with artist Khary Randolph) and STELLAR (with artist Bret Blevins). His run on WHAT IF AGE OF ULTRON was used as a basis for the Disney+ animated series WHAT IF. Joseph’s recent series, BEAR VS. BEAR, is in collaboration with CHEW and FARMHAND artist Rob Guillory, out from REKCAH Publishing.

 As the Executive Editor of the Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology PopGun, Joseph helped feature creators from across the comics industry, including well-known names and first-time creators. He also edited an adaptation of the popular podcast DARKNET DIARIES, with writer John Arcudi and artist Owen Gieni, also for REKCAH Publishing.

 Beyond his creative endeavors, Joseph's dedication to fostering new talent is evident in his role as a co-founder and board member of Creators for Creators. The organization provided invaluable support and an annual $30,0000 grant to emerging comic book creators, nurturing the next generation of talent.

He resides with his family among the rivers and mountains of Idaho.


Kurtis Wiebe, Co-Founder

For Kurtis Wiebe, the past few years have been a series of incredible hurdles and changes, none he could have ever foreseen. Uprooting his family from Canada to pursue a career in the AAA video game industry to his current home of Stockholm, Sweden, he left the world of independence and self-employment to chase down a more stable and balanced career.

Yet, none of this would go to plan, but in the action, in the risk, he came to understand the many lessons learned in the process of trying something new. The most important takeaway, a truth that became the foundation for Vast Vision, was that there existed a pool of incredibly talented people who had yet to take a chance on their own stories. Instead, they worked, often thanklessly, for the major companies, their beautiful and innovative ideas dying in a forgotten far corner. He asked himself, “What would it take to free these amazing minds to tell their stories, to share their art, and give their voice to the world?” This is the foundation of the vision, the intent, and heart of this new venture, Vast Vision Publishing. To free artists from worry and concern, to give them the means to go out on their own and take a chance on a story that could change the world.


Shannon Woodhouse, Co-Founder
Chief Operations Officer

Shannon Woodhouse has a deep reverence for the creative mind and its ability to achieve a vision. Her true desire is to use her talents and conviction to provide a clear pathway through conflicts and difficulties in the creative process, to uplift the creator and their work to the best possible outcome. In her own journey as a painter, a long grappling of conflict within the fine arts, about its intrinsic value and deepest meaning, Shannon has come to understand more clearly the barriers that artists face, both internally and in the world. Coming from a diverse workplace background, from the intense demands of high fashion to the precision of surgical coordination, her training and experience reflects creative problem-solving and versatility. Shannon’s interest and education in both criminology and psychology gives her a unique perspective at the intersection of art and the human psyche. Shannon truly believes that art and storytelling, when nurtured and given space to flourish, transcends boundaries and captures the very essence of the human experience.

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